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Over the years WellMe has built a community of health, wellness and fitness conscious moms, just like you, who all want to better themselves and improve their health, whilst maintaining their very busy lifestyle!

We believe that even small changes to your health, diet and lifestyle can achieve massive results.

Health is happiness!

Where Shall We Start?

I Want To Feel Good

Scientifically backed research on many health topics including mental health, women’s health and the benefits of essential oils.

I Want To Lose Weight

Take a look at our quick and easy recipes for a Paleo or Keto diets. All the lip-smackingly tasty and healthy recipes you will ever need!

I Want To Get In Shape

Check out tons of fun ways to shape up, lose weight and tone. Let’s help you get up and go!

WellMe Author

Andrea Taylor

Certified Nutritionist, Fitness Trainer and Mom of 4 Andrea, joined forces with the WellMe team to help others be better versions of themselves and put health, wellness and happiness first.